TJ Architects has offices where architecture is practiced in South Africa in:

TJ Architects Offices in South Africa:  Architects South Africa

Architectural Expertise Architectural Expertise

TJ Architects Bloemfontein Bloemfontein

TJ Architects Durban Durban

TJ Architects East Griqualand (Kokstad) East Griqualand (Kokstad)

TJ Architects Mkuze Mkuze

TJ Architects Nelspruit Nelspruit

TJ Architects Paarl Paarl

TJ Architects Mkhondo Piet Retief Piet Retief

TJ Architects Pretoria

TJ Architects Johannesburg

TJ Architects Gauteng

TJ Architects Sandton Pretoria

TJ Architects Richards Bay  Richards Bay

TJ Architects South Coast (Port Shepstone) South Coast (Port Shepstone)

TJ Architects Ulundi Ulundi

TJ Architects East London East London

Architecture Architects South Africa expertiese  Architecture Architects South Africa expertiese:

Hotels Lodges Tourism Architecture   Hotels Lodges Tourism Architecture

Residential Architecture  Residential Architecture

House Architecture  House Architecture

Library Architecture  Library Architecture

Commercial Retail Architecture  Commercial Retail Architecture

Airport Architecture   Airport Architecture

Civic Centre Architecture  Civic Centre Architecture

Public Building Architecture  Public Building Architecture

Community Building Architecture  Community Building Architecture

Industrial Architecture  Industrial Architecture

Health Hospital Architecture  Health Hospital Architecture

Office Architecture  Office Architecture

Sport Architecture  Sport Architecture

Moses Mabhida Stadium Moses Mabhida Stadium

Sport Facility Architecture  Sport Facility Architecture

Sporting Facility Architecture  Sporting Facility Architecture

Estate Living Architecture  Estate Living Architecture

Other Architecture Other Architecture

Mkhondo Car Wash Mkhondo Car Wash

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Sandton, Architects Sandton, Architect Sandton, Architecture Sandton, Architectural designs Sandton, architects firms Sandton,

Gauteng, Architects Gauteng, Architect Gauteng, Architecture Gauteng, Architectural designs Gauteng, architects firms Gauteng,

Architects Empangeni, Architect Empangeni, Architecture Empangeni, Architectural designs Empangeni, architects firms Empangeni, Architects Mkuze, Architect Mkuze, Architecture Mkuze, Architectural designs Mkuze, architects firms Mkuze, Architects Kokstad, Architect Kokstad, Architecture Kokstad, Architectural designs Kokstad, architects firms Kokstad, Architects Port Shepstone, Architect Port Shepstone, Architecture Port Shepstone, Architectural designs Port Shepstone, architects firms Port Shepstone, Architects Margate, Architect Margate, Architecture Margate, Architectural designs Margate, architects firms Margate, Architects KZN, Architect KZN, Architecture KZN, Architectural designs KZN, architects firms KZN, Architects KwaZulu-Natal, Architect KwaZulu-Natal, Architecture KwaZulu-Natal, Architectural designs KwaZulu-Natal, architects firms KwaZulu-Natal, Architects Eastern Cape, Architect Eastern Cape, Architecture Eastern Cape, Architectural designs Eastern Cape, architects firms Eastern Cape, Architects East London, Architect East London, Architecture East London, Architectural designs East London, architects firms East London, Architects Umtata, Architect Umtata, Architecture Umtata, Architectural designs Umtata, architects firms Umtata, Architects Nelspruit, Architect Nelspruit, Architecture Nelspruit, Architectural designs Nelspruit, architects firms Nelspruit, Architects Piet Retief, Architect Piet Retief, Architecture Piet Retief, Architectural designs Piet Retief, architects firms Piet Retief, Architects Bloemfontein, Architect Bloemfontein, Architecture Bloemfontein, Architectural designs Bloemfontein, architects firms Bloemfontein, Architects Pietermaritzburg, Architect Pietermaritzburg, Architecture Pietermaritzburg, Architectural designs Pietermaritzburg, architects firms Pietermaritzburg,, Architects Nkandla, Architect Nkandla, Architecture Nkandla, Architectural designs Nkandla, architects firms Nkandla, Architects south coast, Architect south coast, Architecture south coast, Architectural designs south coast, architects firms south coast, Architects Pretoria, Architect Pretoria, Architecture Pretoria, Architectural designs Pretoria, architects firms Pretoria, Architects Gauteng, Architect Gauteng, Architecture Gauteng, Architectural designs Gauteng, architects firms Gauteng, Architects Mpumalanga, Architect Mpumalanga, Architecture Mpumalanga, Architectural designs Mpumalanga, architects firms Mpumalanga, Architects Paarl, Architect Paarl, Architecture Paarl, Architectural designs Paarl, architects firms Paarl, Architects Ulundi, Architect Ulundi, Architecture Ulundi, Architectural designs Ulundi, architects firms Ulundi, Architects Western Cape, Architect Western Cape, Architecture Western Cape, Architectural designs Western Cape, architects firms Western Cape, Architects eastern cape, Architect eastern cape, Architecture eastern cape, Architectural designs eastern cape, architects firms eastern cape, Architects free state, Architect free state, Architecture free state, Architectural designs free state, architects firms free state, Architects Windhoek, Architect Windhoek, Architecture Windhoek, Architectural designs Windhoek, architects firms Windhoek, Architects Windhoek, Architect Windhoek, Architecture Windhoek, Architectural designs Windhoek, architects firms Windhoek, Architects Nambia, Architect Nambia, Architecture Nambia, Architectural designs Nambia, architects firms Nambia, TJ architects, TJ architecture, Theunissen Jankowitz Architects,

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TJ Architects is a diverse collective team of innovators that inspires people through creative architecture.  As architects we specialize in various architectural fields – commercial architecture, retail architecture, lodge architecture, hotel architecture, resort architecture, sport facility architecture, stadium architecture, education architecture, school architecture, health architecture, hospital architecture, community building architecture, office architecture, public building architecture, industrial architecture.  TJ Architects has offices in South Africa – Bloemfontein, Durban, East Griqualand (Kokstad), Johannesburg, Mkuze, Nelspruit, Nkandla, Paarl, Piet Retief, Pretoria, Richards Bay, South Coast (Port Shepstone), Ulundi.